Hello fellow speech pathologists, special educators and service providers, my name is Antonella Casagrande- Petti and I am a licensed and ASHA certified bilingual speech therapist working in the NYC metropolitan area. With over 20 years of experience in the field, I know the dedication and work that we put into our jobs everyday.

Antonella Casagrande- Petti

ASHA certified bilingual speech therapist

Antonella Casagrande- Petti ASHA certified bilingual speech therapist After working several years at an amazing center-based preschool program and then transitioning to the public school system in the metropolitan tristate area,  I've been blessed to service amazing children and their families and work with such dedicated, highly intelligent professionals (special educators, OT's and PT's). With many years of experience in different professional settings and working with a culturally-diverse population of students, I've created  an array of valuable information ranging from therapy techniques, session objectives and methods to collect data.  CreateSpeech-Special Educator is an efficient and organized method to create a task analysis that will help us plan sessions and monitor our student and client progress and reach goals even faster!

We love our field, we are dedicated to it and we want to give the best service possible to our students/clients and have fun while we do it!